Research on the Bonnyrigg Renewal Project

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Bonnyrigg bake off for biggest morning tea

Bonnyrigg residents raise $535 in support of the Cancer Council.

Coffee and Colouring (first Thursday of the month)

Colouring has been found to help reduce stress. Come along, rediscover your creative self and meet new people.

The Bonnyrigg Living Communities project

The Bonnyrigg Living Communities project was the first social housing Public Private Partnership (PPP) project in Australia and was designed to create new social and private housing by redesigning, renewing and reinvigorating an existing 81-hectare public housing estate within the western Sydney suburb of Bonnyrigg (generally bounded by Cabramatta Road, Bonnyrigg Avenue, Edensor Road and Elizabeth Drive).

The project aims to improve services to the area, build community capacity and renew housing and public areas surrounding the local community.

Since development started on the estate, Bonnyrigg has seen outstanding change: decreased crime rates, an improved quality of life for many residents and a greater sense of pride in the neighbourhood and local environment. In 2013, 83% of Bonnyrigg tenants were satisfied with Bonnyrigg as a place to live.

In early 2015, the NSW Government ended the original arrangement and announced the winding down of the PPP. This had been under review since April 2013 since the announcement that property developer, Becton Property Group had gone into receivership.

Under a new arrangement, Urban Growth NSW is contracted to move forward with the construction and delivery of stages
4 – 5. SGCH is continuing to deliver tenancy management services to social housing residents on the estate. Our role has now also broadened to encompass property maintenance services, as well as various community programs and activities at Newleaf Bonnyrigg. SGCH is the first community housing provider in Australia managing all of these types of services on a large estate in one location.